The effect of ancient Greek culture to the West as we know it today is immeasurable. Whether it is the legal system, the concept of democracy, philosophy, or the basis for modern language, science, and medicine, Greek culture is, essentially, Western culture. The land at the foot of Mount Olympus, home of the Gods, straddles an intriguing divide between old and new, and though financial troubles have put immense strain on the nation and its people, Greece still stands tall without resting on its all too impressive laurels. From the idyllic islands to sprawling Athens, Greece is a captivating lesson in the four ancient Greek concepts of love – Agape, or godly love; eros, passionate love; storge, that of friends and family; and philia, that for friends. We’d add the love of food for that, one that may not have a name in Greek culture but is firmly rooted in it. Greek people are famously friendly and welcoming, so your visit will be remembered as much through the things you ate and saw as the people you met.

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