Aside from the ravishing beauty and the promise to make you forget all manner of worries relating to your daily life, the Caribbean is all about letting loose. You will recognize these islands as those from the brochures and posters in travel agencies. Bright white sand, turquoise water: cue the calypso music, this is heaven. No wonder millions of people flock to these islands every year. But don’t worry, you won’t have to meet any of them if you don’t want to: with only around 2 percent of the islands in the Caribbean being inhabited by people, imagining a remote paradise all to yourself is easy, especially when it looks like that. But discovering the local culture of a place and meeting residents is at least half the fun, and the West Indies are a great example of that. Whether you decide to visit Cuba or Haiti, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, the mixture of indigenous culture and colonial influence with the most beautiful of backdrops is bound to make you want to stay forever.