Cuba is an alluring country filled with song, dance, rum, and the applied principles of a German economist by the name of Karl Marx. Though Americans will have somewhat of a difficult time reaching Cuba, this should not keep them from doing so, because once you set foot in this picturesque country, there's no looking back. The home of Che Guevara is still electric with the energy of revolt, and whether the things he fought for are your cup of tea or not, the contrast between Marxist governance and fiery Latin dance is a striking one worth the trip. If only for the duration of a holiday, small but feisty Cuba will surely show you a good time, even without Coca-Cola.


There is something intensely romantic about experiencing a culture without the distraction of globalized franchise culture, and nowhere is that more pronounced than in Cuba. When there is no chain to hop into to get your morning coffee, you tend to become more adventurous and aware of your surroundings, and Cuba deserves all your attention. The Cuban way of life is all about things that are real and authentic. This is reflected in the colors, the music, the food, and the people, not to mention the cars from the golden age of motor vehicle design. Come here to learn to dance like dancing is supposed to be done, to taste real rum and real cigars, not their close-enough exports available outside of Cuba, one of the fascinating testaments to life being about loving what you have.


Cuba is a place of opposite forces working together correctly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, so is Cuban food. Dishes here are born from a vibrant and exciting blend of Spanish, Mexican, African, and Caribbean culinary influence with a dusting of French flair, all gathered and shown love in the long history of this unique little nation. If sampling all of those cultural characteristics in one dish sounds like your thing, you best head to Cuba and try for yourself. A free hand in the use of spices, a down-to-earth way to deal with meat and bases of rice or corn and respect for fresh, quality produce tie Cuban cooking together in a genuinely irresistible package, where a modest budget will never stand in the way of having a wonderful meal.


If you were to head to Varadero beach for a lazy day and stay on until sundown, you would see exactly what having fun in Cuba is all about. But since your trip is still ahead of you, we want you to understand what you're in for: a fiery, colorful time with Cuba Libres and salsa dancing, which is called Casino in Cuba. If you're into other styles of dance, you can find people doing the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba or Regulation. Spending time in Cuba is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the basics of these styles of dance from the people who know best.