A country as fierce as it is small, Hungary has produced more than its fair share of the noteworthy and unique. Fine wine, thoroughbred horses, inventions you use every day (such as the ballpoint pen): this nation unites poetry and patriotism, nature, and man-made innovations in a tiny but potent package. The country’s crown jewel is undoubtedly the shining capital of Budapest, but gems can be found in all corners, from the shores of Lake Balaton to the modest but magnificent peaks of the Matra mountain range to the pretty little town of Pecs. You wouldn’t think that a country so difficult to locate on a map houses so many diverse wonders, but the erstwhile half of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the site of the first official wine region in the world (Tokaj) has more than can be discovered in one trip. We suggest you start planning your return the moment you get there.

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