Australia is the only place left on the planet with such an unimaginably large, immense portion untouched by human hands. Weather conditions are so extreme and the land so filled with exotic and frankly dangerous flora and fauna, that exploring it is no walk in the park. It is very far from the rest of the world, and to get from one major city to another within Australia can take hours even by plane. These factors all contribute to Australia’s mysterious and otherworldly image. What contrasts that is a very English pragmatism and some of the most easy-going, nicest people who live the healthiest of lifestyles anywhere on God’s green earth. Travel here to see the great barrier reef, the largest living organism on the planet, or Ayers Rock, also known by its original name of Uluru, an impressively large boulder, for lack of a better word, in the middle of a flat landmass. In Australia, your mother’s warning about museums holds true for nature as well: don’t touch anything.