The largest country in South America is the only nation on the continent that has Portuguese as its official language. Today’s Brazil is loud, fast, fun, and quite simply drop-dead gorgeous. It is also massive. It is the fifth largest country in the world by area, beating even Australia and India. Rainforests, endless beaches, cities with more people than most countries, and architecture like you didn’t think was possible, Brazil is, as the national cocktail – Caipirinha – exotic, zesty, and very refreshing. Life is about food, music, dance, and friendship – all the ingredients you need to have a good time, really. As for things to do, take your pick: vying for your attention are natural wonders like Iguazu Falls or Sugar Loaf Mountain, verdant hills and endless jungle, or man-made marvels like Portuguese colonial edifices. The locals know how to live, and most importantly, they know where to: Brazil.

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