Languages on the Internet

   Internet access

More and more users are plugging into the Internet worldwide. However, estimating the number of speakers of the world’s languages is difficult because many people are bilingual or multilingual and can use English or other global languages to surf the Internet. For instance, people who use English on the Internet are not limited to English-speaking countries but form a community of users world-wide.

   Top ten languages on the Internet

According to Internet World Stats, the top ten languages on the Internet, listed below, accounted for 81.8% of all Internet use in 2010. English was the dominant language, accounting for almost 30% of Internet users, with Chinese in second place.

Language Users in Millions
English 536.6
Chinese 444.9
Spanish 153.3
Japanese 99.1
Portuguese 82.5
German 75.2
Arabic 65.4
French 59.8
Russian 59.7
Korean 39.4
All the other languages 350.6

Top 10 Languages on the Internet